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The goal of this page is to help you with some basic things that are good to know when placing an order for custom printed or embroidered apparel or one of the many other services we offer. If you have ANY further questions give us a call. We're here to help. 480-834-5010


What is the turn around time?

It depends on your particular job. Simple one sided single color prints can be as fast as a few days (or sometimes even same day if we already have your art on file) but multicolor multiside prints will obviously take longer. As a general rule most screen print jobs can be done start to finish in about a week. Embroidery is about two weeks.


Do you have a rush charge?

No. We will rush your job AT NO EXTRA CHARGE IF our schedule permits. We are committed to keeping and making each and every pre-determined due date for ALL orders.

If we can fit your rush job in we will if we can not we won't. Simply call and talk to a staff member if you have a rush job to see if we can do it.


How long does it take to get a quote?

If you stop by and see us you can get a quote today! Keep in mind there are many details we must know before we can give you an accurate quote on anything so there are times we may need to call you with the final quotes. Call or visit today! Online quotes are returned within three business days.


Do you ship?

Sure! We use UPS and will ship your order to you at your expense using UPS standard rates. Your shipping costs can not be determinied until after your order is completed.


I have a clothing line and 10 designs I want printed right away. How much?

We'd love to print all 10 designs but we need to take things in smaller steps to assure the highest quality and most efficient print experience. While we can handle large print runs of almost any size; quoting, designing, seperating, shooting the screens and setting up new orders is very time consuming. It is very easy to make errors when doing too many jobs at once. There are always exceptions for simple prints as opposed to mulitcolor multi-sided prints but either way if you do have a line you'd like us to print come and talk to us. We want to see how we can best help you and establish a good working relationship to suit your needs.


Can I see a sample print of just one shirt before I order all of them?

Because of the amount of set up involved in the screen printing process it usually NOT possible to produce just one sample shirt. Our art department will do thier best to represent your art in the pre-production part of the process (digitally) to help ensure that your shirts look the way you want.


If the design itself must be changed and removed from the press then you may face additional re-shoot charges. We pride oursleves on avoiding that by doing all we can in pre-press / proofing to make sure there are no questions going to print. 


Can I provide my own items to be printed or embroidered?

Absolutley. We have a special pricing structure for printing on customer items. If you are wanting to print on something other than apparel (such as bags or other specialy materials) we do request to see the item(s) first to make certain it is possible to print on them BEFORE we give you a quote.


Is there a quantity minimum?

Yes. The minimum quantity is 12. Due of the time involved in the printing methods we use we cannot produce orders of less than 12 garments. 


How long do you keep my art?

Digital art files are stored at Surf & Ski for no more than two (2) years. We keep current back-ups of all digital art files produced or used for printing by Surf & Ski but do not guarantee their availablity to our clients. If you'd like to have a copy of your artwork you may obtain that from the art department at no extra charge when your job is completed. If you have existing digital art from many years past we will check our system but can not guarantee it's avialbilty.

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